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  • When is the best time of the year to use COW POW?
    The best time to use on Lawns is late winter-early spring. Where possible for best results aerate existing lawn and water in well.
  • Where to use COW POW?
    CowPow can be used in all gardening areas, Lawns, Flower beds, Veggie beds and Pot plants. ​ It can be used singularly or mixed in with soil or potting medium
  • How often should we use COW POW?
    COW POW is a very user-friendly product and can be used as frequently as desired. Coverage on lawns is 1x 15kg bag per 15 square meter or 1kg of loose COW POW per square meter. On vegetable gardens use generously at planting and as needed throughout the season.
  • What do you do with your egg shells?
    We collect them until we have enough supply for a container. We place them in a baking dish and into the oven (after it has been used for cooking) to dry the shells until dry. The shells are then crushed with a food processor or Thermomix, then added to our compost bin. They are used as shell grit for the chooks or add them to your compost or COW POW as a slow-release calcium supplemnt.
  • How to use the bags?
    The handle is designed to make spreading the product easy. Just lie the bag down and open the end opposite the handle by snipping the loose end of the thread and pulling the thread out. Then pull the bag by the handle, spilling the contents in a line, then using a rake spread to the desired level. One bag can be used to cover up to 15 square meter of lawn. Can be used in heavier proportions with vegetables and ornamentals.
  • Will Cow Pow burn our plants?
    Compared to other types of manure – Cow Manure is regarded as a ‘Cold Manure’, unlike other forms of animal manure such as Chicken that can sometimes ‘burn’ your precious veggies. All the time and effort cattle put into digesting their food through 4 stomachs means it is a lot less potent once it comes out the other end! Not only this but the composting process removes excess ammonia so there’s no risk of harming your much loved garden. If you want a product that can slowly build and nourish your soil, improve it’s microbial activity and get the best out of your plants, and doesn’t smell, start with a bag of Cow Pow.
  • Can we recycle our empty bags?
    Our bags are degradable which means that they will break down and so are better for the environment. If you store your full and empty bags out of the sun, we are able to recycle the empty bags. If you would like to consider the environment, store your bags and let us know and we will collect them when we deliver your next order.
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